Founded 1978
Jay & Carole Rosenblatt

Ernest Geolfos
(b. 1959)
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Ernest Geolfos was born in 1959.

In 1980 Ernest began his career as a full time professional Sculptor.

Some of the Shows that he has participated in include: The Colorado “Governor’s Invitational”, “Sculpture in the Park”, and the “Loveland Sculpture Invitational”.

Geolfos Sculptures are in all parts of the U.S. The University of Colorado has three of Ernest Geolfos Sculptures in their permanent collection, including a Ten Foot Long Marble Mountain Lion which is installed in front of the Colorado Springs Campus.

As a self-educated artist, Geolfos has developed a style that is unmistakable, with highly polished animals contrasting with roughly chiseled bases.

He spends his time working on large monumental size sculptures.

“I use blocks of marble to express my perception of the beauty of wild animals. My goal is to, in some meaningful way, touch each person as they view my work.”