Founded 1978
Jay & Carole Rosenblatt

David Edward Kucera
b. 1961
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DAVID EDWARD KUCERA was born in San Jose, California on March 20, 1961. With an artistic nature that began at a very early age, Kucera's family was graced with his first serious works on his bedroom walls.

At the age of ten, he and his family moved to the midwest where he completed his grade school and high school education. It was at this time that Kucera found art classes to be his very favorite subject.

In 1988 Ed married Paulette and he began his formal art education at the Colorado Art Institute. After graduating with honors in 1991 Kucera began concentrating on all aspects of realism. His attention to detail and color is a result of many hours of fieldwork and study, Kucera's love for portraying natural realism is evident in every painting.

Ed Kucera's future plans are to explore new mediums and to surprise his collectors with his boundless collection of ideas and artistic creation.