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Stan Natchez
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A Shoshoni/Paiute, Stan Natchez received a B.S. from the University of Southern Colorado. Former Humanities Department Chairman at Arizona's Orme School, he has also taught art in several public schools. Currently, he is Editorial Advisor and Education Coordinator for the Native Peoples Magazine. Exhibits include: Indian Market in Santa Fe, New Mexico and many others.

As a traditional dancer, Natchez has found the creative expression that has sustained him. He feels very strongly that taking the best of both worlds---structured and creative, traditional and modern, spiritual and materialistic---is the best way to achieve harmony needed to excel as well as survive today. In terms of his art, Natchez feels equally strongly about communicating contemporary Native American philosophy that has been purged of any romantic or stereotypical idealism. Instead, the viewer is exposed to traditional teaching and contemporary cultural doctrines. As Natchez says, "I paint the life I live and so every painting I do is, in some way, a self-portrait. My art is about you and the way I respond. That is my experience is my art...and art is my life."