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Vasquez Navarette
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In Navarette's paintings, the strength of the church is always determined by it's location high on the surrounding colinas (hills) of the pueblos (towns) and cities of his beloved Mexico.

The illusion of distant buildings, houses and mountain ranges peeking through billows of floating clouds, from an ethereal background on many of his canvasses. Joy, gaiety and happiness prevail when Navarette paints the scenes of a fiesta. The tiovivo (merry go round) and the fuegos artificiales (fireworks) are observed by clusters of people who are crowded together. The viewer senses the excitement of the moment as it has been captured on the canvas. Navarette looks to the country scene for inspiration. He says, "the countryside is the best school for color, texture and faces not available in any other place." He won his first major award as the Amigos Extranjeros de Mexico in 1974.

Numerable one-man shows followed over the years in Europe. His exhibits have been held in Israel, Italy, Switzerland, England, Japan and Costa Rica. In 1980, Navarette was invited to exhibit his paintings in the Mexico City Museum. The show was titled "Yo Creo," ("I believe"). When his father saw the exhibit he commented to Navarette, "All painters can paint, that is certain, but not all painters can paint poetically."