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Tom Perkinson
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Although he may be painting in his studio, visionary artist Tom Perkinson is out among the trees or crossing a stream, or sitting atop a mountain. He says his work is spiritual, not intellectual.

Perkinson, who has been an artist since the third grade grew up in rural Indiana. He studied at the John Herron Art Institute in Indianapolis and received his M.A. at the University of New Mexico.

His works are rich in personal symbolism. Perkinson uses certain surrealistic techniques as a vehicle for his images. His use of exuberant color, composition and chromatic arrangement pulls these works out of the everyday realm. He allows the chance interplay of color, line and form to play a role in his iconography, and happily exploits chance in the development of his compositions. These paintings are a synthesis of majestic order. He allows his icons to exist on several planes of reality. They have several "centers" and "faces", some touching the natural landscape that we know as reality, and others existing sublimely in another world which is vast, deep and infinite. This visual merging allows us to experience these icons in the here and now. Energy, spiritual vitality, fascination and respect pour out from the artist's hand and eye, allowing us a rare view of his extraordinary vision.

Tom Perkinson's collectors include, President Gerald Ford, Charleton Heston, and John Forsythe, to mention but a few. His work hangs in the permanent collection of the University of New Mexico Art Museum, Alberquerque, New Mexico, the permanent collection of the Museum of New Mexico, Santa Fe, and the permanent collection of Paradise Valley Community College, Scottsdale, Arizona.