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Michael Westergard
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Many artists reach back to bygone eras for their subject matter. They are as meticulous in their research as any writer or scholar, using archival photographs, artifacts and original journals and diaries in order to get a piece of equipment, locale or facial feature exactly right.

MICHAEL WESTERGARD is a self-taught sculptor. He goes to great lengths to capture a moment in his mind before he begins committing it to clay. Typical of Westergard's work is the stunningly minute detail which he is able to record. His work mainly portrays the history, wildlife and people of the American West. Westergard's historical bronzes were the subject of an editorial in the April 1992 issue of Wild West magazine.

His bronzes have received several awards for excellence including Best of Show, Purchase Award, and People's Choice. They can be found in collections throughout the United States, Canada and Europe. The National Park Service has his bronzes in their permanent collections. The Harrison Western History Research Center at the University of California at Davis has one of the most complete collections of his works.